How much food is in each box?

Each box has 7-9 different varieties of produce. A personal/individual box will have 1 unit of each of these items while a familiar/family box will have more quantity of some of these items. For an example of what could come in a typical box see our JOIN OUR CSA page.

Do I get to choose what comes in each of my boxes?

You can choose items by purchasing add ons to your box like pantry goods, seasonal fruits, and extra produce items each week. The base of your weekly box is determined by farmer’s choice depending on what is in peak harvest in the fields.

Do you produce all of what is in the box?

We are a single farm CSA so we produce what is in the box. We might source an item or two from another local certified organic farm, if we have a crop failure. We also source some seasonal organic fruit from other local farms that you can add to your box each week.

Is everything in the box certified organic?

YES! Our farm has been certified organic with CCOF since 2012 and any seasonal produce offered as add ons is also organic unless otherwise specified.

I have very little experience cooking seasonally. Do you provide recipes to help me cook what is in the box?

We provide recipes in a newsletter that we put into your box or email out. We also have an "Oya Organics CSA Members" Facebook group where members share what they are doing with their CSA produce in their kitchen. Our members say our CSA is a great way to get more comfortable cooking seasonally.

Can I skip a delivery if I am out of town?

We encourage you to have a friend pick up your box on a week you are away. You can also have us donate your box by logging in to your member portal. This helps us keep our harvest & crop planning more consistent. But if you really need to, yes, you can pause your box by logging in to your CSA membership portal on our website and putting a hold on your subscription.

Can I pick up every other week?

Our CSA program is designed for weekly pick-ups. But yes, technically you can, however you'll have to pause each week that you don't want to pick up your box. Once you purchase your share, you’ll go into your membership area and after every other week, put a hold on your subscription for the following week.

Why is there only a window of time each week (Saturday 8:00 AM - Tuesday 11:59 PM) for ordering add-ons and changing delivery details for the upcoming week?

We have this window for two reasons. First, it gives us the time to make sure the add ons you are purchasing are actually available. Second, it gives us time to plan our harvest and then go out and harvest, wash, pack, and prepare CSA boxes for delivery. Our produce is not sitting in a warehouse cooler, it’s out in the field where we harvest it fresh just before delivery.

Can you deliver to my home?

We only deliver our CSA boxes to pick up locations, but you can buy our produce through Good Eggs to get it delivered to your doorstep or become a CSA host. If you have at least 5 people interested in picking up at your house or workplace, please CONTACT US.

If there is no delivery site near me, can I start a new one?

Yes, please CONTACT US if you have at least 5 people interested in picking up in your neighborhood or workplace.

What happens if I didn’t put my box on hold, but forgot to pick it up?

It is held until noon of the following day in most drop off locations and then donated to a local food shelter or pantry. As a small farm, we can’t offer refunds for the box.

Can I come and visit the farm?

We hope to plan a CSA member day at the farm and will let you know when that is, but as a working farm can’t accommodate walk in visitors.

I know someone who would love your CSA and want to get it for them as a gift. How do I do that?

That’s great! Just sign up under their name and contact information. Let them know that the gift came from you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I just stop by the farm and buy some produce?

At this time, we do not have a farm stand for walk-in shoppers. We do have a CSA pickup site at the farm on Thursday afternoons for members who are signed up and pre-paid through the website.

My CSA membership is running out. What do I do?

Log on to your membership portal and sign up for more weeks! We’d love to keep feeding you.

How can I purchase an extra box for a family in need?

CSA members can purchase an additional box for us to donate during the ordering window each week. Just log in to your membership dashboard and you’ll see a link to “Purchase an additional box for a family in need.” We’ll pack up a box and donate it to a local food shelter.