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Hollister, Ca

If we haven’t met you at the farmer’s market yet, "Hi" and "Hola", we’re Marsha and Modesto, owners of Oya Organic Farm. At Oya, we use agroecological farming practices learned and perfected in California and Oaxaca, Mexico along with philosophical influences from Japan. Our diverse background influences not only what we farm, but how we farm.

Each week we harvest and pack our certified organic produce into boxes - making sure to include the variety our CSA members rely on for making full & balanced meals.

Within 24 hours of harvest, we deliver that fresh produce to sites across the Bay Area.

What's in a box?

The best of our harvest each week

This is an example box. Items change each week based on what's ready to harvest in the fields.

Plus add on seasonal fruits and pantry products made from our harvest

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Step Two

Choose Your Box Size

Personal / Individual

$32 / box

  • Sized for 1-2 people
  • Enough to cook ~3 meals
  • +Pickup Location Fee

Familiar / Family

$44 / box

  • Sized for 3-5 people
  • Enough to cook ~3 meals
  • +Pickup Location Fee

Step Three

Number of Weekly Box Pick Ups


48 Pick Ups


12 Pick Ups


4 Pick Ups

Step Four

Choose Your First Pickup Day

Choose a Pickup Location first.

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